Election chaos!

So we have had the election, the results are in & …….. no one is a clear winner.

Nathan is glued to the TV,  trying to work out if it’s going to be worth applying to our newly elected local MP because there may well be another vote around the corner. He keeps telling me it was exactly what the country didn’t need.

For me, a positive fact is that several of our young Carers have, in the course of the last few weeks, gone from “I’m not voting, I don’t understand it” to realising that there are issues they are passionate about and should vote on. This can only be good for the future.

A couple of nights ago I read a blog by Ordinary Hopes that really struck a cord, and, during a twitter conversation, we decided that our Politicians would just grow up and stop acting like they are in the playground.

Let’s hope this is the shake up they all need………

2 thoughts on “Election chaos!

  1. Thank you for the mention.

    I still can’t get over the contrast in the quiet way highly trained and highly skilled medical people worked and the ridiculous baiting and sniping of political hopefuls.

    When I was at primary school I was taught that people went into politics to give, and not for personal gain. I remember thinking that it was great that there were selfless people who would give without expectation.

    How come our current politicians were not taught the same?

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    1. Yes, I agree entirely. My son has been involved in disability rights campaigning since the age of 10, and during that time we have met many MPs, some do really make you feel they care and listen, however there are those who you can just tell are in it for themselves. Unfortunately ‘toeing the party line’ seems to be the only way (usually) to rise to any position of influence in any political party.

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