Nathan’s Guest Blog

Today’s blog has been written by my son Nathan.

First a little bit of background on him – he is 21 and is a Politics and Sociology student at Worcester University, having just completed his first year.

Nathan has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy and is a full time wheelchair user. He has been involved in disability rights since he was 10 years old. At that age he helped to deliver a petition to 10 Downing Street re equality for disabled people.

At the age of 13 he became the youngest person to speak at the UN in Geneva on Children’s Rights in England.

Whilst senior school in particular did not support his needs well (that’s putting it politely!) he has fought his way through the education system to get to university.

His ambition is, and always has been, to become an MP.

We are incredibly proud of him, and how he has worked to overcome the obstacles in his way so far.

Tablet June 2017 926

This blog is his own thoughts and feelings of the current situation:

On the morning of the 9th of June, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Teresa May had won the election and had done so in such a resounding way that all her problems were now over; that she could get on with exiting the European Union without delay and without needing to consult any person that was important to the process.

Her pathetic response to the Grenville Tower disaster shows why she cannot continue as the country’s Prime Minister; in my opinion the longer she does the further the country will slip into catastrophe.

She seems to have no idea how to respond and seems to have been unable to ensure a continued safety of tower blocks and have most of the cladding of the country’s tower blocks thrown in the bin and leaving the issue at that. Why is nobody being held responsible for the fact that a material that effectively turns a building, which was otherwise safe, into a combustible matchbox has been allowed to come into close proximity with human life? I am very surprised that she has not felt the need to convene the disasters and emergency committee, better known as Cobra, as, if a fire in a tower block does not clearly fit the parameters of this committee’s remit, I dread to think what may. Even when the terrorists came to Manchester it was decided to not look at why a man who’d been reported to the anti-terrorist hotline more times than I have probably had hot dinners was not prevented from entering the country or at least questioned as to where he had been or what he was doing back in the country.

Finally, in the catalogue of disasters we have the supposed deal with the DUP; this deal is to provide the Government with the votes it needs to get key pieces of legislation through the House of Commons. Even with the agreement with the DUP it is not clear whether we will be forced back to the polls whilst all the time the two emergencies talked about above continue to plague us. Given the display on Question Time last week where a member of the audience was thrown out for repeated shouting and other heckling offenses towards the panellists, it seems to me that we need to take a grip of ourselves before things spiral out of control.

Indeed, I woke up yesterday morning to find that the evacuation of 5 tower blocks in Camden had now turned from an evacuation to a possible eviction of those residents who had refused to move themselves from their houses.

In short, we are heading for hell in a hand cart if we do not take a grip of this situation and deal with it properly. Minority government or not, certain things still have to be dealt with efficiently, effectively and with decisiveness.


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