Art Attack! – when Cerys met the artist Alexey Firsov

Anyone who knows Cerys will know that she is passionate about art. She loves painting, mosaic work and particularly enjoys doing work on canvas. So when she was asked to take part in a new fundraising project for the Brainwave Centre ( she was very excited.

We have been going to the Brainwave Centre since Nathan was about 2 years old; where both Nathan & Cerys are assessed and we are given home based physiotherapy programmes for us to carry out with them. Brainwave were the first organisation that made us feel that, as a family, we could take control and help Nathan – and later Cerys too – ourselves. Due to this we have always tried to ‘give back’; in the past Nathan has done speeches in front of the Countess of Wessex and at a cricket function, we have held our own fundraising cricket match, and both of them featured in a calendar! When Cerys was invited to take part in the project that had been organised by Gracious Hearts ( to raise money for Brainwave and 2 other charities by partnering 15 children with 15 different artists, (5 children from each charity) it was like a dream come true for her.

Cerys was partnered with the famous Russian artist Alexey Firsov (, and the meeting took place at the South West centre. Alexey speaks very little English, and Cerys speaks no Russian but there were translators and they ‘communicated through their art’. He likes to work outside and take inspiration from the area around him – apparently he usually goes into the forest but on that day they made do with the gardens at the Centre!

Tablet June 2017 948   Tablet June 2017 952

Cerys absolutely loved it, and most of the painting was done by herself with support from Alexey. He uses putty and oil paints, and gave her a stick to mix it with. It was incredible to watch this painting come alive.


When it was finished he gave her all the left over paints, etc, which she was thrilled with, and has since used at home. Alexey was lovely and said some very kind words about the art work she has done previously and told her she should continue with her art as she is very talented. Obviously she is delighted by this and this encouragement has made her want to continue to improve. (

The painting, along with the 14 others, will be sold at a Gala Auction to be held at Christies in February 2018. Let’s hope it raises a lot of money for the Brainwave Centre!


3 thoughts on “Art Attack! – when Cerys met the artist Alexey Firsov

  1. Oh wow, I went to Brainwave too with my daughter, in the late 90s. With a team of volunteers I followed the intensive programme for a couple of years, and have been doing a simpler version ever since, and I credit it with helping her lack of progressive contractures etc. I felt exactly the same way as you do about the team there 🙂

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