Busy Lives Update

The last couple of months have seen the usual rush to prepare for the school holidays. Cerys has been counting down the days! She loves school, but she is definitely ready for a break and the chance to take things a little slower. She also has lots of plans for the summer holidays to keep… Continue reading Busy Lives Update

Favourite Blogs #10 #SEND30DayChallenge

This one is easy for me (although as I start reading more and more of the wonderful blogs that are out there it is getting harder!) My first is the person who inspired me to give blogging a go and that is Louise at Little Hearts, Big Love. She writes about their family life with… Continue reading Favourite Blogs #10 #SEND30DayChallenge

Not just a Mum / Carer #9 #SEND30DayChallenge

I’m not going to lie I found this one very difficult to write, so I am just going to keep it short. I asked a few people for their opinion and they came up with: Wife Sister Campaigner Chief Liaison Officer Care Co-Ordinator Crisis Averter Problem solver Friend Good Listener One that really touched me… Continue reading Not just a Mum / Carer #9 #SEND30DayChallenge

“Go Bag” #SEND30DayChallenge #8

As my kids have got older, the items in their “go bag” have changed. In fact they are now at an age where I am encouraging them to ‘think for themselves’ what they may need to take with them. This is becoming more important as they become more independent and are going out with PA’s… Continue reading “Go Bag” #SEND30DayChallenge #8

5 Things I’d Change   #7 #SEND30DayChallenge

1.  The perception of ‘can’t walk, can’t talk’ – what my kids lack in mobility, they           more than make up for in chatter! 2.  The perception of Carers – both paid & unpaid. As a family we work with our         paid Carers to ensure Nathan &… Continue reading 5 Things I’d Change   #7 #SEND30DayChallenge

#6 Letter to the Prime Minister #SEND30dayChallenge

Dear Mrs May As part of the #SEND30DayChallenge I am writing to you to raise a subject I am passionate about – social care support for young disabled people. I’m not entirely sure that you know any young disabled people; certainly you give the impression that you don’t because there was no mention of them… Continue reading #6 Letter to the Prime Minister #SEND30dayChallenge

Favourite Photo #Day 5 #SEND30DayChallenge

I have so many favourite photos, none of which include me!, that it is difficult for me to pick. However, as I was searching through, trying to decide which to post, I came across this one. I have chosen it as I feel it marks the end of a bit of a rubbish time for… Continue reading Favourite Photo #Day 5 #SEND30DayChallenge