5 Things I’d Change   #7 #SEND30DayChallenge

1.  The perception of ‘can’t walk, can’t talk’ – what my kids lack in mobility, they           more than make up for in chatter!

2.  The perception of Carers – both paid & unpaid. As a family we work with our         paid Carers to ensure Nathan & Cerys can achieve their goals. We work as a           TEAM and value each others input. A good Carer is probably one of the                   hardest workers I know & yet, it still feels like they (and us unpaid Carers) are       some of the most undervalued people in our society.

3.   At the time of the ‘fat cat’ wage controversy it was claimed we had to pay the         big bosses their enormous wages to ensure the best ones remained in our               country! Well, guess what, I want the best Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists,         etc, and, yes, Carers to remain in this Country too. That they can earn a wage         that is in keeping with the role they play and the essential jobs they do.

4.  The thinking that all wheelchair users have the same disability and are                  affected in the same way. Even my children are affected by CP in different              ways. 

5.  That ‘disability access’ really does mean accessible to all, no matter what your      disability.

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