“Go Bag” #SEND30DayChallenge #8

As my kids have got older, the items in their “go bag” have changed. In fact they are now at an age where I am encouraging them to ‘think for themselves’ what they may need to take with them. This is becoming more important as they become more independent and are going out with PA’s to support them, without parents. Even if they find it difficult to access the items they need, they are more than capable of thinking about the items and then requesting their PA / Carer to put it in the bag.

As they are different ages and different sexes, although some items are universal, some are unique to them.

They both take spare clothes (underwear & trousers, sometimes a t-shirt) just in case. The majority of the time they don’t need them, but it’s best to be prepared. Wipes are another essential, as are gloves, etc in the winter & sun screen, etc in the summer. We usually pack a drink for them too, especially if out all day & having a picnic. If we are having a drink at a café or restaurant then we will just buy them a drink there. We also pack straws. If we are going on a long journey, or going away for a period of time, ipads and headphones are essential!

Nathan always has his urinal bottle in his bag, together with a small bottle of disinfectant. He, also, always carries Space Invaders posters to place on the windscreens of cars parked in disabled parking bays without a blue badge. This campaign started at one of the Whizz-Kidz Ambasador Clubs. Nathan was the lead on it, and secured funding for several posters and leaflets to be printed. Although the campaign is no longer active via the charity, he still uses the posters. Obviously he also takes a wallet and his bpay fob. (https://www.bpay.co.uk/)


As Cerys is a young lady now she always carries sanitary wear; and a spare spoon for ice cream! Cerys likes to take a handbag with a purse and her bpay fob, and whatever else a young lady needs when she is out and about!

They both have to take their house keys, and our next big purchase for them will have to be a mobile phone each. Currently we are relying on communication using the PA’s mobiles, but we are fast approaching the time when they need their own!


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