Busy Lives Update

The last couple of months have seen the usual rush to prepare for the school holidays.

Cerys has been counting down the days! She loves school, but she is definitely ready for a break and the chance to take things a little slower. She also has lots of plans for the summer holidays to keep her busy. She will go to the summer school run by her school for a couple of days in the first 3 weeks, and has numerous shopping trips and days out planned. During the last week, her class organised a picnic; writing a shopping list, buying the ingredients, preparing the sandwiches, etc, writing invites to guests and finally enjoying the picnic in the local meadow. She also enjoyed going to Blackwell Court again with the Guides to celebrate 100 years of Girl Guiding in our local area. She did Giant Crate Stacking, the Zip Wire x 2 and went on a bouncy castle. Whilst there we also talked to her Guide Leader, and in September she will be starting as a Young Leader! This is something she has long been talking about doing, and it will be great for her personal development. Despite a blip over care (again!) the day went really well and she had a fantastic time.


Nathan has started work experience with a local DIAL (Disability Information and Advice Line). He feels it could be a great resource for the local community, but more needs to be done to promote it. He’s hoping he will be able to help with that, and fundraising as they are a charity. He certainly has plenty of experience to offer them.

Andre has continued with the dust and destruction that comes with the task of adapting our home for the children, having knocked down yet another wall!


As for myself, I have been preparing to submit rotas to the Care Agency to cover the summer holidays and investigating places to go. I have also been taking part in Mum on a Mission’s #SEND30DayChallenge. (https://mumoam.co.uk/special-needs-bloggers-30-day-challenge/)

As usual I am way behind, but I am enjoying the challenge and the post titles have given me the opportunity to focus on writing about issues I am passionate about. It has been great to have the opportunity to participate.

Our busy lives continue ……….

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