Favourite Blogs #10 #SEND30DayChallenge

This one is easy for me (although as I start reading more and more of the wonderful blogs that are out there it is getting harder!)

My first is the person who inspired me to give blogging a go and that is Louise at Little Hearts, Big Love. She writes about their family life with a daughter who has a cardiac condition similar to mine. I love reading about everything they have been up to, and she is very honest about how she is feeling with regard to how her daughter’s condition is progressing. Also she has the cutest girls ever! Check her out at:



My second is Rachel at Ordinary Hopes. I just feel that her blogs often sum up exactly my thoughts on a subject. and I admire how quickly she manages to write her blog. I also admire her campaigning work for Changing Places. You can find her here:




4 thoughts on “Favourite Blogs #10 #SEND30DayChallenge

  1. I am quite emotional at being named in this. Campaigning for better facilities and equal access for my son has taken over my every waking moment, as well as much of the time where I should be asleep! 😀

    It is good to know that my words are being read and that others share those thoughts.

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  2. Thank you so much for the lovely mention. I’m so chuffed to be one of your favourite blogs and to have helped inspired you to take up blogging. Rachel’s blog is one that inspires me too – I’m certainly much more aware of the need for better facilities for disabled people as a result of her blog and social media activity x


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