My Day Out by Cerys Giles

My guest blogger this time is my daughter Cerys. She is 14 and rapidly growing up and becoming more independent.

This time last year we were having her care package reassessed because, in order for her to gradually increase her independence as any young person would, she needed to have 2 Carers to help her with her personal care. Whilst her reassessment turned out to be nowhere near as stressful as Nathan’s, it was still a worrying time hoping that she would be able to access the support she needs. Fortunately she had an excellent Social Worker who stood up for her and represented her needs well to the Panel, who agreed with her assessment. This means Cerys can now go out on days out like this, independently, and have a good time as she will tell you herself:

Where did we go?

Myself and my 2 Carers went out on a day trip. First we went to the Birmingham Conservation Centre, followed by a soggy walk around Cannon Hill park. After this we went to the MAC in Birmingham and then to the new library in the town centre.

 Was the centre accessible?

Yes the Conservation Centre was accessible; there were ramps to all sections and it was mostly flat around the centre. There was a disabled toilet within the premises which we got stuck inside due to the door opening inwards and there not being much room for manoeuvring when you have a wheelchair and 2 carers inside.

 What about the staff?

The staff at the centre are lovely; they were very helpful and were able to make my day trip possible. Both of my carers got into the Conservation Centre for free without being questioned, when we looked at the local safari park having 2 carers come with me was going to be an issue. The staff at the Conservation Centre talked to me about the animals and a lady even brought the Meer cats closer so that I was able to see then. Around the park several staff asked me if I was having a nice day.

It was lovely to know that I could go out for the day with my two carers, because without them I could not have done this trip.

What did you see?

The animals that I saw were a red panda that was climbing on a pole within his enclosure, and we also saw lots of monkeys as they had many different breeds.

 My favourite part

My favourite part of the Conservation Centre was seeing the Red Panda, as I have never seen one of those before. I liked the colours that were on it and also how fluffy it was.

One thought on “My Day Out by Cerys Giles

  1. My son will be 11 next week so more care is something I need to be looking into.

    Thanks for writing this, Cerys. Independence from parents is important for all young people.

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