Creativity Craft Club

On Wednesday afternoons at 4.15 pm, I go to a crafting club called Creativity. It is in Tardebigge, Redditch and I go with 2 of my carers.
My mom found the page on facebook and got all the information together so I could have carers to take me. I always have 2 carers to take me so that 1 can drive the car and the other can keep me company in the back seat. I don’t always have the same carers so I get to try different things with different people.
I have been going to Creativity since July this year. I have made and created lots of different things like pom-pom rugs, a glow in the dark picture and a Halloween bat silhouette picture.
I enjoy going to Creativity because I am very crafty at home and love art. Everybody that goes to Creativity is lovely to each other and the owner Layla has been very nice to me. She has had a special ramp made so that my wheelchair could get into the room. This made me very happy. She always makes sure I can get involved in all the activities, I like Layla.
Creativity craft club gives me the chance to have time away from my parents and let me have some independence. I like to feel that I have some space for me to be grown up and spend time with people who enjoy arts and crafts just like me.
I cannot wait for all the future projects I will get to do.


One thought on “Creativity Craft Club

  1. Creativity sounds like such a fab craft club and so glad that Cerys enjoys it and is able to get involved in all the activities. Love the sound of making a pom-pom rug – that sounds like fun! 🙂

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