Merry Christmas and Thank you!

Just like everyone else we have had a very busy time lately.

As part of my 50th birthday celebrations (yes, we’re still celebrating!) we all went to York for the weekend. We visited the Castle Museum, Betty’s Tearoom, and the main reason for going was to visit the Christmas market. A festive market filled with stalls selling Christmas goodies, art & crafts. Cerys had a lovely chat to an artist who lives in York ( and Nathan wheeled himself round using his special e-motion wheels. If he can wheel himself there – he can wheel himself anywhere!

Outside Betty’s Tearoom – where Cerys had the most enormous slice of cake! – there was a carol concert with a local brass band playing and everyone joining in with carols so we came home feeling very Christmassy indeed.


One of my birthday presents was to go on a truffle making course. I was relieved to find I wasn’t too far out of my comfort zone (like to bake, but not great at decorating) and I really enjoyed having a couple of hours in a small group of people who knew nothing about me and just saw me as Donna. We are also enjoying the results!


I have also been spending a lot of time supporting Cerys with her school work and writing and collating reports for her EHCP. I will feature more about that in a separate blog in the New Year.

Of course we had our snow days too. Cerys had several days off, but Nathan continued to go into university. A politics student always makes it through lol!


It’s obviously getting ever closer to Christmas, and all the present buying, wrapping and Christmas card writing that entails. I must admit I do like sending and receiving cards from people who I might not necessarily see, but do think about, during the year.

Finally, I would like to say a massive THANK YOU! to everyone who has read the blog, liked & commented on a post, liked and followed the facebook page (hopefully get a few more next year although I have had my Christmas wish of getting to 50 likes!)

This has been my first real year of blogging – something I have wanted to do for a long time, but life kept getting in the way! I finally sat down and started because of the amazing number of people who accessed and gave touching feedback on the blog I wrote for Little Hearts Matter.

Along the way I have connected with some wonderful people, and I never knew the blogging community could be so supportive and welcoming – in particular the SEND and CHD bloggers

When I started I really wasn’t sure anyone would read or be interested in our lives, but people have responded and that has been fantastic.

Thank you and Merry Christmas to you all xxx


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