A Brand New Year to explore

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! Yes, I know we are already 2 weeks in, but that’s me – always playing catch up!

I am hoping everyone had a lovely Christmas & New Year – it seems so long ago now doesn’t it?

We had a great Christmas, connecting with family and friends, and for me that is what it is all about. As a lovely finish to the festive season, on New Year’s Day, we went to Worcester Cathedral to see their display of Christmas trees along the cloisters. Every year local organisations and charities donate a decorated tree and supply information on the work they do. All the donations go towards the Cathedral and its chosen charity.

Now all the decorations are down, and our living room is bare; well apart from the standing frame, motomed bike, a couple of physio rolls and a physio ball, oh & the obligatory ironing board that is!

We are all settling back into our routines – Andre is back at work, Cerys is back at school, and Nathan is working on assignments even though he doesn’t have to go in for lectures.

As usual, I have been promising myself that I will become more organised. If you have any good tips on being organised, please share them with me! This isn’t something I think about just at New Year. I believe that if you want to change something or do something new you should try it whatever time of year it is. The only problem I find is that I might feel like I have achieved some semblance of organisation, and then a matter arises that throws a spanner in the works!

I also believe that every year is made up of great times and not so good times. I’m hoping that this year will bring everyone many more of the former to us all.


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