Visiting Birmingham Art Gallery by Cerys

It’s been another half term holiday here, and once again Cerys has been out and about exploring!

This time she has visited Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery; once again accompanied by 2 of her Carers. As she loves all different forms of art work I knew she would enjoy this trip:

On Thursday the 22nd of February I went to Birmingham Art and History museum. I had 2 of my carers go with me. We had to decide between going on the train and driving, in the end we decided to take the car. In the morning my carers got me dressed and ready, we had breakfast and loaded everything into the car, and then we were off on our trip.

We followed the satnav to get to the museum, which was going well until we came to some roadworks. The builder came to the window and told us we couldn’t go this way and would need to turn round. So we got a bit lost but eventually found the right road to follow. Once we got to the museum we found a parking space right outside and we all got out.

To get into the museum we had to use the lift. We needed to ask directions to find the rainbow show. The lovely lady took us to the round room and we found the display table.

There were 2 men running the show, they explained how white light is made up of all the colours of the rainbow. So when you have a spinning wheel with all the colours of the rainbow on and spin it really quickly all the colours mix together to make white. The other man showed us how to find the colour in a white light. He used a torch and shined it at a prism and it made a rainbow on the wall. He showed me how to do this at home.

FUN FACT:  The human eye can detect over 1 million different shades of colour. This has been tested by scientists!

After the rainbow show finished we walked round the art gallery and saw lots of paintings and also sculptures. My favourite painting had lots of sheep in a field, with 2 ladies and a child picking flowers. I even bought a postcard with the painting on and brought it home to show mom and dad.


One of the rooms was called the New Age Art room; in here we even got to touch one of the sculptures. It felt weird, and tickled my hands.


As we left the new age room we saw the hall of mirrors. All the mirrors on the wall had been painted on, instead of using a canvas. It gave me lots of ideas for painting glass at home. I liked the mirrors because it was something I had never seen before.


After seeing all the art work we decided to get some lunch and a drink. We walked down to the Victorian tea room, but there was nowhere to sit so we decided to go looking around outside the museum for somewhere to eat.

The Bull Ring was our next stop; it was full of shops and places to eat. I decided that I wanted to eat in Burger King. So me and my Carers sat down and had some lunch. We walked round the Bull Ring looking at shops before deciding to go home. It was only a short walk back to the car.

On the way home, I fell asleep in the car after a long day out. I was glad to be back home with a cup of tea. I would really enjoy going back to the museum again.

12 thoughts on “Visiting Birmingham Art Gallery by Cerys

  1. Sounds fantastic Cerys! Love the idea of the rainbow show, I think my daughter would love that!
    It would be brilliant to see some of your artwork inspired by the glass and mirror artwork!
    (PS. It made me think of these plastic mirror panels we have from Ikea that might be good for decorating without danger of breaking!ömmare-mirror-art-50252397/)
    Thank you so much for sharing on #accesslinky

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  2. Sounds like it was a lovely day out. That’s a fascinating fact about how many different colours the human eye can detect – I would never have guessed it was quite so many. That sculpture looks fascinating – I can imagine it was a bit strange to touch though x

    Liked by 1 person

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