Yes, yes I know…. Christmas was nearly a month ago…. but I promised Cerys I would upload her blog so that she could share our Christmas time…..

Christmas Eve
On Christmas eve I had my usual carer come to the house for my last call before the BIG day! She helped me to finish all my festive baking, we made Christmas cornflake wreaths, using cornflakes, marshmallows and sprinkles – they were messy, and YUMMY!
I had already finished all my wrapping – with a little help – so I was free to enjoy a late night of telly with the family.

Christmas Day!!
Mom and Dad spoilt me by allowing me to stay in bed late. Typical morning wash and dress before flying downstairs in the lift to find my presents!! I felt very lucky to have so many presents to open. My favourite present to open was my new laptop – I couldn’t wait to start blogging. I also got some other great presents; nail varnish, slippers – so fluffy!! and lots of CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!
As always Dad made our Christmas dinner and the smell filled the house, it made me so hungry. It was a nice quiet dinner with just me, mom, dad and Nathan sitting down to eat. My favourite part of Christmas dinner is the pigs in blankets, thankfully I don’t have to eat sprouts – YUK! Then we got to have some mini ice creams for pudding. I was sooooo full.
Nan and Grandad came to visit after dinner, so we got to watch them open their presents from us. They loved them. We all sat in on the sofa with a cup of tea and long talk, dad brought us all out some picnic food to munch on. Mom even made homemade sausage rolls, they are the best. It was getting late so Nan and Grandad decided to go home, and I was getting very tired too. So we all sat in front the telly watching Christmas shows and relaxing after all that food. I had a fantastic Christmas.


Boxing Day
Boxing day was full of visitors! My aunt and uncle came to see us first, we played some games as a family – I didn’t win though. Lunch time! We finished off all the left-over picnic food and sweet treats that I had baked – Truffles, fudge and cookies. We also had Grandad and Jean come to visit, they always make me laugh! We had a busy day with all our guests but I still didn’t go to bed early, I was far too full of energy to sleep now!
I love Christmas and getting to spend time with all my family. I even get to see my carers, I know I’m surrounded by people who love me, and I love them very much! Can’t wait for next year!!!!!!



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