The Future #SEND30DayChallenge #11

As the mother of disabled kids I am very used to organising and preparing for the near future. I seem to spend a lot of time working out care rotas 2 weeks in advance and preparing for appointments and following up on anything raised during them. However, I do not spend a lot of time… Continue reading The Future #SEND30DayChallenge #11

World CP Day

Today, 6th October 2017, is World CP Day. Both my kids have CP and are full time wheelchair users, but I don’t feel that it has detracted from the people they are and were always destined to be. There are many reasons why a child could be born with CP – for Nathan & Cerys… Continue reading World CP Day

End of Summer / Beginning of Autumn

Now that summer is over, and autumn is well and truly here, Nathan and Cerys are back to university and school having kept the blog going for me over the summer holidays! I have to say I feel very lucky that we have such great Carers, who come to help me throughout the year, but… Continue reading End of Summer / Beginning of Autumn

Cerys makes a pot!

Cerys is now back at school, but she wanted to do one more blog about another day out she had over the holidays. Hopefully, these blogs have proven that, with the right support, disabled young people can access the activities they want to do: On Friday, the 25th August, I went to a one day… Continue reading Cerys makes a pot!

Nathan’s Article for The Disabled Children’s Partnership

The Disabled Children’s Partnership is campaigning to raise awareness of the issues facing families of disabled children and young people by publishing articles that reveal ‘The Secret Life of Us’.   Nathan has written an article, and you can access it here: You can sign up to join the campaign here:

Visit to Brainwave Centre 2017

Last week we once again visited the Brainwave Centre in Bridgwater, Somerset. We have been visiting the Centre since Nathan was 21/2 years old. When he was first diagnosed we entered the NHS system including attending a local Child Development Centre which included being assessed by a Physiotherapist, an Occupational Therapist and a Speech and… Continue reading Visit to Brainwave Centre 2017

My Day Out by Cerys Giles

My guest blogger this time is my daughter Cerys. She is 14 and rapidly growing up and becoming more independent. This time last year we were having her care package reassessed because, in order for her to gradually increase her independence as any young person would, she needed to have 2 Carers to help her… Continue reading My Day Out by Cerys Giles