April Moments

April started with our first face to face trip to the Brainwave Centre since early 2020. During the pandemic we were able to access the Therapist’s expertise via virtual appointments, but it felt lovely to actually be in the same room as them. The banter is the same whether we are in person or virtual… Continue reading April Moments

About Cerys

Cerys is 19 years old She is currently at college, and in her spare time she enjoys all arts and crafts. She has her own card making business, that began with making for friends and family, but is slowly developing. She also enjoys painting canvases and multimedia work. You can see all of her projects… Continue reading About Cerys

About Nathan

Nathan is 26, and has been campaigning for disability rights since he was 10 years old. He has a degree in Politics and Sociology He began his campaigning by writing to the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, about disabled access to No 10 Downing Street. This led to assisting with the presentation of the Scope ‘Time… Continue reading About Nathan

March Moments – You can Run but You can’t Hide!

Yes, you guessed it…… After 2 years of being able to evade Covid it finally caught up with us. Like so many people I know we have spent the last 2 years, firstly shielding, and then still being very careful. Nervous of crowded spaces, carrying sanitizer and continuing to wear masks. This month we continued… Continue reading March Moments – You can Run but You can’t Hide!

February Moments

Typically, I am a couple of days late with my Monthly Moments – I would say that the end of February has caught me by surprise because of the fewer days but that obviously isn’t true since I was late last month as well! February has been windy and rainy, but with some bursts of… Continue reading February Moments

January Moments

January started with a New Year jaunt to visit Andre’s sister and her husband, and included a trip to Brighton with a visit to the Pavilion. A venue that is well worth a visit, if only to realise the sheer opulence of George IV’s seaside Palace. The ground floor is accessible, but the first floor… Continue reading January Moments

New Year! New Blog!

So, the last few years seem to have just flown by and disappeared. I can’t believe we’re already in the second week of January in 2022! Is that because we are getting older or because we are busy? I think it is possibly a combination of both. If I am honest, the pandemic, and its impact… Continue reading New Year! New Blog!

Memories of 2021

Memories of 2021 Despite starting the year the way we spent most 2020 – hiding away! – we did manage to spend 2021 doing a few more fun things.It was hard to choose 9 but here are a few of those favourite moments We visited an exhibition where Cerys’ art work was being displayed. Thank… Continue reading Memories of 2021

You need to move it, move it! – The DoMore Study

One of several projects that Nathan has been involved in since leaving university is the DoMore study. This study has been set up to “find new ways to help children and young people with long-term disabilities, who are unable to walk, to move more in their daily routines.” He has attended a number of meetings… Continue reading You need to move it, move it! – The DoMore Study

Girl Guiding Mega Mix Festival

Hi it’s Cerys Giles here. Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Mega Mix Girl Guiding festival. I was so excited to be able to go; I had to wake up really early and get ready to leave. Once in the car it took us about an hour to get there. When I… Continue reading Girl Guiding Mega Mix Festival